I have just finished my first week of a contracting gig I scored out of the blue. This has been quite the experience so far, and I am excited to see where this ends. Not that I don’t enjoy the work, it's that what this has helped me see how far I have come (afraid to touch the terminal) to how far I still have to go (everything I have seen is new to me).

We did learn a very basic level of knowledge in ruby on rails while I was in my boot camp, but basic, as I am now learning is a very loose term. I would say we learned enough to get a simple app running, nothing more. Out of the MVC template (model, view, controller), we learned about M and C. Seeing my first bit of views is very new to me, I have been able to recreate them, still trying to wrap my head around how they work. From what I can tell, running a method in your controller will automatically look in the views folder for how to render it. More to come!

Other new things I have seen are SimpleCommand gem, still wrapping my head around that, a Call method, a Merge method, and rubocop gem. These are just a few! I have also been working on a create method that uses the SimpleCommand gem that creates other objects based on an attribute type of the original create method. A lot going on there but I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one as well.

The project I am working on is clearly much more complex than anything I have worked on before, I am in over my head, but how often does someone make a career pivot and know everything off the bat. This has so far been a great learning experience, and it is also very helpful that the lead engineer is very patient and willing to help anytime I find myself blocked, which has been more than I care to mention at this point. On the bright side, I can only get better from here!

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