I have recently had some time on my hands to be away from Ruby, I have spent that time working with JavaScript data structures and working in React. Manipulating the data and getting a better understanding of Class components in react along with passing state down as props.

While all of this time did not go to waste, I didn't realize how quickly I could forget writing an if statement in Ruby did not require parentheses around the conditional statement or there are no curly braces around the block of code to run within the statement. I remember hearing a phrase similar to (Ruby Sugar) when I was in my program and I realize that there is a lot of truth behind this phrase as Ruby is a very friendly language.

I made this realization when I had to make a quick pivot for a technical interview where the email stated I should have Ruby on Rails installed on my computer. I jump into Codewars and try to work out a simple problem only to realize every time I run the code there is an issue with my syntax. I had completed a Udemy course on it to which I went back to watch a few lessons on 2X speed as I had a day to pick up as much as I could.

As I got into the program, I realized It was not very hard to pick up on the syntax differences. I had just been away long enough to forget the correct way to go about coding in Ruby. Not initializing a variable or using the return keyword in every method were a few things I remembered, but still odd to do since I had been living in JavaScript for the past few months. My takeaway from this experience is that I must keep up with what I have learned, is it does not take a lot of time to get comfortable with one thing and forget another.

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