Full focus on learning

I have recently completed a move from the Northern Colorado area to the Southern Colorado area. Speaking with my Career Coach, she mentioned that the top three most stressful things in life are having kids, moving, and job searching. I was dealing with two of the three for a two-week period when I factor in packing and sorting through things.

While I was extremely grateful for the opportunities I had, I did wish they had come at a more opportune time during my search. On the bright side, I did get a look at some weak spots I had not known were there. What I am realizing is the programming language is powerful.

I am very excited at the idea of getting to see more advanced code. Seeing something that makes me think “I didn't realize you could do that” just shows me that I don't know what I don't know in the programming world. I'm excited to continue my learning journey and have new confidence in my abilities to be a better programmer and to be able to contribute to something big.

Now that I have completed my move, I am able to put my full focus on continuing to learn. Looking back at how far I have come, from being afraid to touch the terminal to be able to implement an idea into a feature based on some documentation reading has me feeling like I am fully capable of performing this job.



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