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Still working on finding employment in this Engineering world. Up until recently, I was focusing on primarily backend learning; Ruby language along with Rails framework. I was surprised with a React takehome test, that showed me how important it is to keep up with both front and backend while searching for a job, as you never know what might come your way.

Struggling with React, I was reintroduced how to set state and how to pass state down as props in both class and functional components. I also learned how to set state using a “handleChange” function, which can be reused for multiple inputs as long as the name prop matches a type of state. I also took time to break down a search and sort function that works together where a search or sort will not reset the other.

I am going to approach my learning in a different way, to make sure I am prepared for any opportunity that comes my way. As for my backend learning, I still have a Udemy course I plan on finishing. This course will not only give me a better understanding of Rails, but this course gives the students five different projects to build during the course.

In React, I'm going to continue to build and burn apps that will test my abilities to set state, use functional and class components. Pass state around using props, and also try to get a better understanding of using redux as a state management tool. Along with my learning, I am also hoping to strengthen my CSS skills and also using other styling libraries to help give my apps a cleaner look.

I'm prepared to put in the hours and make sure I am not favoring one aspect of web development. I have set forth my goals and am hoping to master these languages and frameworks; with this, I will try to get these skills to translate to other languages and frameworks.



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Jr Medina

Jr Medina


Soon-to-be Flatiron School Successor, with an enthusiasm towards Front-End Web Development, lifelong learning, and continuous improvement.