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I have recently been focusing on learning backend with Ruby on Rails, however, I have been lucky enough to take a couple of front-end assessments companies will use to check your understanding of dealing with React and JavaScript.

I have learned that there are a few things that will most likely be tested on these assessments. The first is the ability to search and update what is rendered depending on the search. Second, is the ability to sort what is rendered without it having an impact on your rendered search. Third, is the ability to route to a different endpoint.

While this has not been my focus for a while, getting the chance to work with it and struggle with figuring it out has been very helpful. During these assessments, I have found that some things have begun to stick a bit better than I had anticipated.

I have found how to use hooks with a functional component, which does raise the question of me learning how to set state with a class component. I have figured out how to fetch an API using a useEffect hook. I have a better understanding of how to set user input data into state. And lastly, I have learned that with a search, my function to filter out the desired information can be used to pass state down to other components, as long as the default is to bring back all unaltered states.

I still have more to learn, but I am much more confident in my understanding of the points listed above, and how they should be used within a React app. Now onto having a better understanding of a sort selector component, along with routing to a show page.



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Jr Medina

Jr Medina

Soon-to-be Flatiron School Successor, with an enthusiasm towards Front-End Web Development, lifelong learning, and continuous improvement.